Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Day We Met

Now that the adoption is final, I thought I would tell the story of the day we met Kaden!  The day started as a typical Friday in April.  The plan was that after work Mike was going to run a couple of errands and I was having a girl's night out with my best friend Elizabeth.  When I was getting ready the phone rang and sure enough it was DCS! They started describing Kaden and his situation, and I immediately started getting excited.  It seemed like the perfect match for us, especially for our first placement.  I wanted more than anything to say yes, only there was one little problem keeping me from it.  Mike and I had promised each other we would not make any decisions about a child without consulting the other person first.  I immediately started calling Mike, but he was not answering!  About 8 minutes, 20 phone calls, 4 voicemails, and 6 text messages later (and no I'm not exaggerating) I decided to make this decision myself.  I was not about to let this little boy go anywhere but with us.  I sent one final text saying "ready or not we are parents" and called DCS back.  We worked it out for Kaden to be brought to our house because we didn't have a carseat for a 14 month old at the time, and I really had no idea when Mike would be home.  I immediately called Elizabeth to get everything I needed (lucky for me her daughter is four months older than Kaden)! In the middle of talking with her, Mike FINALLY called me back, apparently he was donating blood and couldn't get his phone out of his pocket.  Mike's first question was "are you serious?" The second question, "do I have time to mow the lawn?" Seriously, we were about to have a 14 month old boy in our home and he is worried about mowing!  I quickly persuaded him that instead of mowing our time and energy would be better spent at Target purchasing things like diapers, wipes, and milk.  We went to Target and immediately starting throwing everything we could find in the cart.  Then we got another call from DCS asking if we could meet them at children's hospital instead so Kaden could be checked out.  So the cart got left and off to children's we went.  I laugh when I think about how we must have looked to other people in the ER waiting room.  Two very anxious adults and no child.  Needless to say, when the DCS worker walked in with Kaden she knew exactly who we were!  We both fell in love with Kaden immediately.  We cried when they had to draw blood, and then laughed with Kaden for a long time while we waited on the doctor.  About two hours later we got the all clear to take Kaden home! Nothing has been the same since!