Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Oh how things change...

Here is a little recap of the last few years of our lives.  God has given us both a huge desire to be parents, but we can't get pregnant.  Therefore, God's plan must be for us to adopt a newborn baby, become a perfect little family, and live happily ever after, right?  I mean that is what would make sense and seem logical to me.  One thing I have learned is that God's plan is not always the one that seems the most logical to me, that is why it is God's plan and not mine.  Over the past few months God has really been working and changing our hearts which has led us to a new path.  We have gone from only wanting to privately adopt a newborn to being open to becoming foster parents!  We decided we wanted to foster, with the intentions of hopefully adopting.  We are still interested in private adoption, and haven't changed anything about that, we just feel like this is a different path God might be leading us down.  If you had asked us 6 months to a year ago if we would do foster care the answer would have been NO WAY without even giving it a second thought.  Oh how things change.  We have already completed the training we have to do and are in the home study process.  We are both very excited to start this journey!

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